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Lincoln Ceramic Round Vase – 6”H

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The Lincoln round vase is a 6″ tall masterpiece with a contemporary edge. Crafted from textured matte-white ceramic, this cylindrical-necked ceramic vase adds sophistication to your decor. Regardless if it’s harboring vibrant arrangements or serving as a standalone focal piece, this captivating textured vase exudes true artistry.

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    A Minimalist Yet Captivating Design. Discover pure artistry with the Lincoln round vase. This 6″ tall ceramic vase masterpiece was meticulously designed to exude contemporary elegance. It showcases a round base that tapers off to a 2” cylindrical neck. Every detail of this matte-white textured vase was thoughtfully considered, further creating a vessel as functional as it is visually striking. The craftsmanship behind the Lincoln vase is a commitment to modern design and timeless aesthetics.

    Creatively Captivate Attention. Unleash your creativity with the Lincoln round vase, a versatile canvas that effortlessly adapts to various decor narratives. Standing 6″ tall, this ceramic vase accommodates vibrant floral arrangements, unquestionably showcasing their beauty in an exquisite and harmonious manner. Conversely, it shines as a standalone centerpiece, captivating attention with its minimalist yet captivating design. The Lincoln textured vase offers a myriad of possibilities, limited only by your imagination.

    Effortlessly Integrate Contemporary Style. Seamlessly integrate the Lincoln round vase into your space, subsequently adding an instant touch of modernity. With its basic matte white design, this ceramic vase undoubtedly complements any decor theme. This textured vase effortlessly bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore its understated yet striking presence invites you to explore endless possibilities such as:

    • Adorning a fireplace mantle in the den
    • Displaying a vibrant arrangement on your kitchen island
    • Adding timeless elegance to the shelf in your office
    Weight 1.38 lbs
    Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 7.6 in

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