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Write Your Story as a Home Decorator with Vert Nook

What truly matters are the little things that cultivate happiness in our lives. We all have the power to style something truly magical. Styling a space is a creator’s pursuit to enrich their lives, and in doing so, they create a retreat for their body and soul. Don’t wait any longer, your nook starts now! 

We're All Home Decorators

Home means something different to everyone. Your home is a reflection of you; your oasis away from the world. Our goal at Vert Nook is to inspire you to design every space of your home so it feels like your own nook. We give home decorators the flexibility to create their own personal retreat, where they feel safe and comfortable. Add a touch of vert to your nook to create the oasis your soul desires.

Thoughtfully Designed Home Accents

Variegated monstera plants

Sculpt and shape Timeless Beauty with Our Durable Artificial Leaves


Indulge Your Creative Taste with Artisan-Made Metal and Glass Containers


Versatile Designs that Enrich the Ambience of Any Space


Discover Effortless Beauty for Every Corner

vert nook home accents

Small Corner, BIG IMPACT

Everybody needs their own Vert Nook, a mental separation that restores us. A little bit of greenery, a few handcrafted home accents, a cozy area rug. Vert Nook is here to help you simplify the process and bring the little things in life together. Let’s transform your space and fill it with joy and peace.

You have the power to create your own personal zen through home accents that all add up to a beautiful space. Vert means green in Old English and a nook is a secluded place that offers comfort and tranquility. Recreate a small piece of nature, a personal Zen in your space with Vert Nook products. When we add green home decor to a space, we are welcoming nature and relaxation into that space – creating a vert nook – where love, tranquility, and inspiration live.

Connect With Vert Nook To Stay Updated On Our Collection Of Artificial Plants & Décor

Artificial plants and home accents are a simple touch that can turn any space you choose into the nook of your dreams. Our team of home decorators are constantly adding new pieces to our inventory for home décor styles of all kinds. Follow us on social media and join our mailing list to stay in the loop on what they come up with next!

We are Home Decorators Who Care

At Vert Nook we do not settle ourselves as home decorators that offer products to beautify your homes. Therefore, we are deeply concerned about the environment and consciously working to reduce our carbon impacts to the planet. Additionally, our teams aim to design for sustainability and quality. Vert Nook does not like to create disposable things that will become landfills in two weeks. Also, when you purchase from Vert Nook home decorating collection, you know you are buying something  that will last. Since it is more economical in the long run, you do not need to replace them as often. When we ship our products to your eco-friendly homes, we carefully pack the items in recyclable or biodegradable materials to reduce permanent wastes. Besides environmentally conscious packaging, we are establishing a reusing program to take the décor you no longer need and provide them to the local charitable housing organizations.

Through offering home décor with plants, we hope we can bring warmth and delight to the residents of the low-income housing community. Also, as the contributors of the reusing program, you will be receiving a 10% off coupon towards your next purchase at Vert Nook as a token of our gratitude. Furthermore, this design of sustainability plan will help prevent more wastes going into the landfill and at the same time serve the much-needed community. We take the social responsibilities of an enterprise seriously. In our vision, Vert Nook is not just a representation of home decorators; we are the bridge to a better society.