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Spotted Monstera Plant – 15″H

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The Monstera Plant is known for its large, beautiful ornamental leaves. It is renowned by plant enthusiasts as a top 10 most popular and Instagrammable houseplant. Our showstopping version of this iconic plant can be the centerpiece of your space without worrying about maintenance or it taking over.  

*Plant ships with attached black plastic pot included. Pictured ceramic or metal planters are for design purposes; customers must purchase them separately.

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    REALISTIC LOOKS – The process of creating our Spotted Monstera Plant starts with creating the perfect white and green marbling to reflect an unique variegation look. Moreso, the design gives it a beautiful pattern that offers mostly white leaves. Lastly, we devote extra attention to detail to create naturally shaped leaves you would see on a real monstera.

    UNIVERSAL PLACEMENT – The tropical shapes and colors of spotted monstera plants are perfect for any occasion. Therefore, place it near the front door to welcome guests. Also, style your study room for a sophisticated office look. Finally, set it on your living room coffee table for a classy feel. Our artificial monstera plants is small, so it serves well as an accent to any space.

    MEANING – In Chinese culture, the monstera plant is a symbol of long life and the honoring of elders. As such, this plant symbolizes:

    • longevity
    • respect
    • honor

    with additional links to prosperity and luck.

    Weight 1.2 lbs
    Dimensions 7.87 × 7.87 × 13.78 in


    Product Size SKU Shipping Information 
    Spotted Variegated Leaf

    Overall Plant: 15”H X 12”W 

    Pot: 5”H X 5.5”W 

    Compatible Container Sizes: 6+”W and 5.5+”H 

    A106000028.WG 1.2 lbs

    7.9″ length 

    7.9″ width 

    13.8″ height


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