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Nova Ceramic Table Vase – 4”H

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Invite curiosity with the Nova table vase, an artful creation that stands 4″ tall. This matte-white textured vase resembles a UFO in shape and exudes unique charm. It is perfect for showcasing petite arrangements, like vibrant succulents. Subsequently it can grace your space as a standalone accent piece.

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    Spark Curiosity With This Unique Creation. Explore the captivating world of the Nova table vase, an exquisite creation standing at 4″ tall. This ceramic vase is a canvas for unique design, resembling a UFO that defies convention. The unconventional shape of this textured vase sparks curiosity and adds an artistic touch. The matte-white textured finish enhances its visual appeal, further inviting you to explore the boundaries of modern decor.

    Outside the Box Versatility Knows No Bounds. Step outside of the box with the versatile elegance of the Nova table vase. While its UFO-like shape is a conversation starter, its functionality is limitless. This ceramic vase is perfectly sized for petite arrangements, making it an ideal home for delicate blossoms. In addition, this textured vase is equally striking when showcased as a standalone accent piece. Let Nova unleash your creativity.

    An Unconventional Focal Point Unveiled. Transform your table into a modern masterpiece with the Nova table vase. Its unconventional shape challenges the norms of traditional decor, furthermore infusing a sense of contemporary artistry into your space. This textured vase has a matte white finish which not only adds visual interest but also invites tactile exploration. Without a doubt it is the perfect table topper for:

    • The dining room table
    • Living room end tables
    • An entryway table
    • A bedside table

    The Nova is a statement piece that captivates attention and sparks conversations. Embrace the fusion of form and function, further letting the Nova table vase redefine the way you perceive table decor.

    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 8.1 × 6 × 7.9 in


    Product Size SKU Shipping Information
    Nova Ceramic Table Vase – 4”H x 6.5″W

    Opening – 1″

    AB49400004.WH 2.00 lbs

    8.10″ length 

    6.00″ width 

    7.90″ height

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