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Helena Vases – Blue


Introducing our Helena Vase, a tribute to towering volcanoes. Its rugged, textured exterior and bold hues evoke a natural aesthetic. Grace your space with tall floral stems or allow it to captivate as a standalone conversation starter. Nonetheless, this is a masterpiece that embodies the power of nature’s beauty.

Mount Saint Helena’s Majesty – Inspiration Behind the Captivating Vase. It should come as no secret that Mount Saint Helena’s majesty inspired the Helena Vase. Crafted meticulously, this rugged decorative vase takes form with volcanic-like textures and contours. What’s more its earthy tones honor nature’s palette authentically. Without a doubt, conversations will flourish around this captivating centerpiece, a tribute to our dedicated artistry and its captivating, show-stopping allure.

Multifunctional Charm – The Versatile Allure of Helena. Versatility defines our Helena vases, which stand out for their multifunctional charm. Helena shine individually on shelves or mantles, while also showcasing their allure when transformed into stunning flower vases. Universal earthy tones ensure seamless integration in any space. The distinctive design commands attention, making a statement in every room, regardless of purpose.

An Artistic Statement – Redefine Your Decor’s Narrative. Unleash the versatility of the Helena Vases and make an artistic statement. Effortlessly enhance diverse settings, from

  • Dining and Coffee Tables
  • Countertops
  • Dressers and End Tables

Fuel your creativity, embellishing living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms with a touch of flair. This large decorative vase redefines conventional placement, igniting conversations and intricately weaving into your décor’s narrative.

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Helena Decorative Vases : 2 Pack of Blue Large 7.5″H A106900004.BL 4.1 lbs

10.6″ length 

7.5″ width 

10″ height

Helena Decorative Vase : Blue eXtra Large 10.25″H A106900005.BL 3.7 lbs

8.7″ length

6.9″ width

12.8″ height 

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