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Our goal at Vert Nook is to create high-quality products that bring warmth to your home and delight to your heart. Home décor should be fun, starting from your first click on our painted leaf begonia plant all the way to when you place it in that perfect spot.

Every step of the way, we are with you and want our home décor to reflect a joyful experience. This is why you should never hesitate to contact us. Even if you have a simple question about our artificial plants or need help finding the perfect combination of home décor, we are here to provide a seamless shopping experience.

We're Here to Help

Got a question or comment about Vert Nook? Contact us easily through phone, email or our online form and one of our dedicated representatives will get back to you promptly. We value your interest and are eager to connect with you.

Address: 30700 Russell Ranch Rd Suite 250, Westlake Village, CA 91362, USA

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(888) 793-6252

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We Prioritize Your Needs

If there is any issue with our products when you receive them, we want to make it right. Please contact us within 30 days of your purchase and our team will resolve the situation.

Beyond quality products, we aim to offer outstanding customer service. Your needs are important to us. In order to make sure a specific product complements your home, you may need to acquire more information about it. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is ready to answer any question you have about our products such as size, color, or possible accent pieces. 

If you have concerns regarding your order and are not able to find an answer in our return & refund policy, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to assist you. We are home decorators who care.


We understand that every home is different, and everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. Through ongoing research, our designers customize our products to fit the variety of needs of our customers. It is our vision to bring warmth, peace, and love into any space featuring a Vert Nook product.

We use a variety of materials, colors, and textures to embody mid-century modern style. The simple lines and curves of retro aesthetics resonate with the core concept of minimalism, yet are rich enough to bring vibrance to any space. Every home décor piece is designed to be timeless, contemporary, and multi-functional. The vast incorporation of wooden elements echoes with the pursuit of nature. The use of copper and other metallic materials in Vert Nook products brings out a sense of classy steadiness. By simply replacing the containers of your existing plants, you can utilize the multi-functional characteristics of our pieces to refresh any of your spaces. Created by decorators for decorators, we are here to help make your home feel like home.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

Our plants are made with high-quality EVA molded foam to create the most life-like artificial plants on the market. We are meticulous about catching every curve of the plant to give it dimension and trick the eye. In addition to the shape and curves of the plant, we add finite details. From vibrant color selection and color blending to veining and outlining our plants pop!

Our plants are quite literally maintenance free. Unlike a live plant, there is no need to worry about water, sunlight, soil, or anything that requires a green thumb. This means our artificial plants can be placed anywhere. The only thing you ever need to do to one of our plants is wipe down the leaves every now and then to remove dust and dirt. That’s it.

Yes! All of Vert Nook’s plants give the customer the freedom to be creative. Our plants will come in a basic plastic pot with faux filler. This allows home decorators the ability to simply place the entire potted plant into whatever containers they choose. We have a large variety of sizes, material, and shapes of containers available, giving everyone the creative freedom to make their ideas come to life. Simply order a container that is at least 0.5” wider and taller than the basic plastic pot of the plant you buy, and drop it in.

Our metal containers are simple to care for. They are made of quality metal and finished with a gunmetal patina or antique gold look that will not fade over time and requires no protection or maintenance. If you need to clean your container, usually wiping it with a soft cloth will usually do the trick for dust and dirt. For more in-depth cleaning, you may use a mixture of water and vinegar. Our metal containers are designed for indoor use. We suggest not filling them with water as the iron present may rust. Our metal containers are not dishwasher safe.

Our glass vases are simple to care for. They are made of solid glass that can easily be wiped down with a non-abrasive soft cloth. If a cloth alone isn’t enough, you may use a basic glass cleaner or water. Our glass vases are made to be hand washed only and are not dishwasher safe.

Environmental Impact

No. Although faux plants are not as eco-friendly as real plants, they do not offer real harm to the environment either. Fake plants are not designed to be thrown away like water bottles, straws, and other disposable plastics. Artificial plants are designed to be used long term and repurposed or recycled when no longer wanted.

No. Artificial plants do not contain any toxic materials and can be placed in homes where children, pets, or family members with allergies are present. Vert Nook artificial plants are made from high quality EVA molded foam that is safe for everyone.

Most artificial plants are made of plastic and can be recycled at any recycling facility that accepts plastics. However, there are special programs available throughout the U.S. that will repurpose artificial plants. Whether that means finding them a new home or recycling the material into plastic to mold a new plant, it is easy to keep fake plants from ending up in areas of the environment where they might affect natural wildlife.

Most artificial plants are made of plastic and can be recycled at any recycling facility that accepts plastics. However, there are special programs available throughout the U.S. that will repurpose artificial plants. Whether that means finding them a new home or recycling the material into plastic to mold a new plant, it is easy to keep fake plants from ending up in areas of the environment where they might affect natural wildlife.


Your artificial plants don’t NEED to be cleaned. That means you only need to clean them when you feel they are dirty or have collected dust. Simply wiping them with a wet or dry soft cloth, should remove most dust or dirt from the plant easily.

For most artificial plants, the plant itself is made up of a combination of plastic materials and sometimes rubber. If the plant is attached to a container (pot) then it may incorporate materials such as glass, metal, ceramic, or wood as well. At Vert Nook, our plants are made of EVA molded foam that is injected into molds to provide the most lifelike look possible.

Artificial plants are designed to last. Sometimes the plastic of the plant may break, or the EVA foam may tear, in which case one might want to dispose of the plant. But rather than disposing of plants in good shape, it is best to repurpose them or resell them to someone else who may want to use them.


Fake plants might not be better for everyone, but they can be better for some people. Artificial plants can offer the look and feel of a real plant without the hassle of needing sunlight, water, or other nourishments. This makes them better suited for individuals that don’t have the time or patience to grow real plants but want plants as home accents. Artificial plants also contain no toxins or allergens, so they can be placed in any home with children, pets, or individuals with allergies.

Fake plants do not directly help prevent allergies, but they will not cause any allergies themselves. They lack pollen and other plant material that typically cause allergies to flare up. Replacing real plants with fake plants indoors could reduce allergy symptoms for someone that experiences allergies regularly.

No. Fake plants will not attract bugs. Most fake plants are made of some kind of plastic, which will not attract bugs on its own.


Yes. Fake plants are perfect for decorating because they require no maintenance and can simply be décor. Home decorators don’t have to worry about watering artificial plants or ensuring they have sunlight, like real plants. Because of this, they are often better for décor purposes than real plants.

Ultimately you should look for what is appealing to you, what will fit your décor, and what fits your budget. Some brands spend more time ensuring their artificial plants look as realistic as possible regardless of the price, while others aim to keep their plants at a lower price margin. The fact of the matter is, some artificial plants will look fake, plain and simple. At Vert Nook we use high-quality EVA molded foam to give our plants the most realistic look and feel possible, while also trying not to break the bank.

Artificial plants can be placed in the same pots or containers that would put a real house plant in. After you add a container, place the fake plant on a shelf or somewhere where people won’t be extremely close. More often then not, if your artificial plant looks realistic, you may fool guests into thinking it is real.