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White Ceramic Pitcher – 8.5”H

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Introducing the Jaxon Ceramic Pitcher: Redefining Elegance. Transform any space with a touch of sophistication. Display it as a standalone masterpiece or embrace its unique role as a captivating ‘pitcher vase.’ Its textured, matte white ceramic exudes artisanal charm, adding character to your décor.

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    Pitcher Perfection: Weaving Elegance Through Functional Art. Standing at 8.5″ tall, this ceramic pitcher is an absolute stunner. With a functional handle and pouring spout, it beautifully combines utility and charm as a “pitcher vase”. Undoubtedly, guests will inquire about its purpose while admiring the matte white ceramic that exudes quality and intricate craftsmanship.

    Artful Adaptability: Multifaceted Presence and Multifunctional Charm. Regardless of its intended use, this ceramic pitcher sparks creativity for a myriad of applications. The Jaxon lends charm to floral displays as a unique ceramic flower pot with its 2″ opening and rounded base. Alternatively, it stands proud as a captivating solo piece, embellishing shelves or tables.

    Matte White Marvel: Crafting Stories Across Rooms and Bouquets. The matte white hue of this ceramic marvel transcends confines, effortlessly blending with diverse décors. Whether it’s a pitcher for flowers housing a blossoming bouquet or not, it harmonizes seamlessly. While perfect for the kitchen, its universal allure thrives in:

    • Dining sanctuaries
    • Bath retreats
    • Mudroom alcoves
    Weight 2.2 lbs
    Dimensions 6.7 × 6.7 × 9.8 in


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    Jaxon Ceramic Pitcher – 8.5”H AB49400008.WH 2.2 lbs

    6.7” length 

    6.7” width 

    9.8” height