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Your Vert Nook Begins Here With Artificial Plants, Home Decor & Accents

Artificial plants can transform any space into a peaceful place of zen. Surrounding yourself with greenery, or vert, can relax your mind and decrease stress. The simple touch of a faux plant can refine the energy of virtually any room, allowing you to create your own comfortable nook. 

ARTificial Plants

Timeless Charm that Fits Every Space

Elevate Your Life with the Perfect Blend of Artificial Plants and Interior Design.

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Surely Find the Artificial Plants that Work for Your Home Décor

Basically, a simple piece of greenery can change the mood of a living space by making the room look and feel fresher. Firstly, the average lifespan of living houseplants is around 2-5 years; however numerous surveys report that most people’s houseplants die sooner than that. Next, living house plants have different needs such as water, sunlight, and fertilization. Because of these needs, things such as over or under watering, too much or too little sunlight, and over and under fertilizing can lead to a plant’s early termination.  Altogether, research has shown that when people see greenery, even in the form of photos or faux plants, the psychological reminder of nature can reduce stress and anxiety. 

after all-Artificial Plants make the perfect accent

As shown above, we encourage our customers to shop for quality over quantity. Therefore, buy a few of what you really love to keep; don’t buy a lot only to throw them away in a week. Evidently, the existence of plastic plants and trees is inevitable, it is our aspiration to leave as little carbon footprint as possible. Firstly, we are consciously making choices in sustainable packaging such as recyclable boxes and filler materials. Also, we hope our quality products will last forever, but not the packaging that is used to ship them. Furthermore, for the pieces that no longer resonate with you, we are in contact with local charities and environmental groups to draft a reusing program. Firstly, this program will repurpose used artificial plants and give them a new home. Meanwhile, in terms of the supply source, we aim to transform our product production with renewable materials such as recycled plastic or more natural fiber. 

Your Evergeen ARTificial Plants

No water, No commitment, Just Style


Artificial plants and trees do not require any soil. There is no more stress of spilling dirt everywhere and making a huge mess.


Let’s be honest, picking artificial plants for home decoration is all about not killing another plant. You don’t need to do hours of research and decrypting blogs to add green accents to your space.


One of the troubles of live plants is that they can bring all sorts of mites, aphids, and flies into your home. Home decor with artificial plants can elevate your lifestyle without this worry.


Pets are what make home, home. Choosing artificial plants means there are far less vet visits because of bugs, toxins, and fertilizer.


Picking artificial plants for home decorations is the only real way to bring all of the colors into your home without spiking an allergy attack.


Vibrant home decor with artificial plants means you will never again return from a well-deserved vacation to the sight of dead plants.

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