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Everly Ceramic Vase – 10”H

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Meet the Everly ceramic vase for flowers. A 10” masterpiece with an elongated cylinder shape that enhances floral beauty. This textured vase with a matte white finish adds timeless charm in any space. The 3” opening allows you to create captivating displays to reflect your unique style.

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    Crafted with Timeless Artistry. Experience sophistication with the Everly ceramic vase for flowers. The elongated cylinder shape and 10” height of this ceramic vase are testaments to expert craftsmanship. Its minimalistic yet captivating design sets the stage for showcasing your floral arrangements. Undoubtedly, it’s meticulously crafted to capture attention with its refined silhouette. Furthermore, the surface of this textured vase adds an element of tactile allure, inviting touch and admiration.

    From Floral Canvas to Focal Point. The Everly ceramic vase is a versatile canvas for floral creativity. Its elongated shape and 3-inch opening offers ample space for arranging various bloom compositions. Beyond its role as a ceramic vase for flowers, this textured vase transforms into a captivating focal point. Moreover, its adaptable design allows it to effortlessly transition between roles, always radiating sophistication.

    Seamless Décor Integration in Matte White. The Everly ceramic vase for flowers versatile design lets you elevate your décor effortlessly. Finished in a matte white tone, this textured vase exudes an air of classic beauty that seamlessly integrates into any décor theme. With this in mind, it is an ideal addition to any room:

    • Enliven your living room on the fireplace mantle
    • Grace your dining room table as an elegant centerpiece
    • Welcome guests with its understated beauty on a console table.

    With this ceramic vase, your creative possibilities are endless. Unquestionably, its timeless allure is ready to enhance your décor narrative.

    Weight 2.8 lbs
    Dimensions 6.7 × 6.7 × 11.8 in


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    Everly Ceramic Vase – 10”H


    AB49400007.WH 2.8 lbs

    6.7” length 

    6.7” width 

    11.8” height

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