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Ophelia Glass Vase – 14″H

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The Ophelia Glass Vase is the true showpiece of the collection. Standing 14” tall it offers four tiers cascading from a medium green to a deep blue. Hand-blown glass, while a thing of beauty, is expensive and hard to find. That is why we created our affordable ombre glass collection. 

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    HIGH QUALITY – The Ophelia Glass Vase is created using quality craftsmanship to produce a high-quality container. The handcrafted, tiered chamber design makes the glass appear handblown, without the handblown price tag. This blue glass vase is one of the pieces of our collection that is fully capable of holding water and could be perfect for live plants.   

    DEDICATED DESIGNS – The Ophelia Glass Vase’s bold, earthy tones with stylish wavy lines make it a mid-century modern masterpiece. This beautiful blue-green ombre color pattern is perfect for complementing any arrangement or space. The Ophelia stands at 14” tall and offers endless possibilities to be the show stopping, statement piece of your collection.

    MULTIFUNCTIONAL – The cylindrical shape is perfect for placing live and artificial flower stems in to bring a bold, vibrant centerpiece to any room or collection. Just cut your stems to justified length, drop them in, and arrange them how you would like. For live flower stems, add water to this tall glass vase.  Or opt for a simple design and just set the vase on your:

    • fireplace
    • nightstand
    • desk
    • entry way table

    Adding a tall glass vase to an area brings the eyes up, creates height, and makes any space feel more open. Evidently, modern vases have endless possibilities for your innovative designs. 

    Weight 2.2 lbs
    Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 6 in


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    Ophelia Glass Vase – 14″H x 6”W  IN10900014.BG 3.5 lbs

    7.5″ length 

    7.5″ width 

    15.5″ height