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Mason Decorative Vases – Black


Introducing our Mason Decorative Vases in a captivating black hue. Expertly crafted to mimic natural stone vases, their intricate textures and colors accentuate any floral or plant arrangement. Enrich your boho decor ideas with these exquisite pieces; choose your favorite shade and grace your mantle today.

Intentional Design – Natural Beauty in a Faux Form. Undeniably, our Mason Decorative Vases pay homage to the builders of old. Textured to mirror nature’s stones, these faux stone vases embody a meticulous process that results in a deep, earthy look. Their bold hues draw the eye, evoking a connection to the earth’s primal beauty. Without a doubt, it is the perfect boho decor idea.

Versatile Charm – A Unique Container with a Multitude of Uses. Undeniably, these decorative vases go beyond mere décor; they’re an invitation to express your style. Standing alone as home accents, they exude uniqueness. Searching for boho decor ideas? Look no further – these vases are the epitome. What’s more, embrace versatility by arranging short stems, indulging your creativity in limitless possibilities.

Endless Expressions – Highlight Your Style in Diverse Spaces. Unveil the potential of our Mason Decorative Vases, transcending room boundaries. Their allure flourishes on shelves, mantles, coffee tables, end tables, and kitchen tables. Unleash your creativity with these accents, adorning diverse spaces:

  • Bathroom
  • Dining Room
  • Sunroom
  • Home Office
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Product Size SKU Shipping Information
Mason Decorative Vases : 4 Pack of Black Small 4.5″H A106900001.BK 4.5 lbs

11.4″ length 

11.4″ width 

7.1″ height

Mason Decorative Vases : 2 Pack of Black Medium 6″H A106900002.BK 3.8 lbs

13.0″ length

7.70″ width

8.3″ height 

Mason Decorative Vase : Black Large 7″H A106900003.BK 2.80 lbs

9.5” length

8.7” width

8.3″ height 

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