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White Spotted Leaf Begonia Artificial Plant – 25″H

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The white spotted begonia plants is synonymous Polka Dot Begonia. Originating from Brazilian rainforests, spotted begonias are rarer than usual. Their colorful, galaxy-like foliage brings a luxurious touch anywhere to any space. They make perfect housewarming gifts, home improvement décor, or stunning accents in your office space.

*Plant ships with attached black plastic pot included. Pictured ceramic or metal planters are for design purposes; customers must purchase them separately.

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    REALISTIC LOOKS – Our White Spotted Begonia plants require our team to design the perfect variety of irregular spots to mimic the natural patterns of a begonia with spotted leaves. The white version signifies a variegated variety that is not often found in nature. Swap of the color patterns from our black spotted leaf begonia gives this plant the allure of something mythical. 

    UNIVERSAL PLACEMENT – This begonia plant should be on the top of your list if you want decorative artificial plants for your space. Spotted begonia plants need a rainforest environment to thrive, but with our artificial plants, you can leave that worry behind. Simply place this plant anywhere in your home that is in need of a touch of luxury or exoticness.

    • Welcome guests in the entryway
    • Brighten your dining room table
    • Add a pop to your home office 

    MEANING – The begonia plant has several different meanings linked to it as is the case with many plants. Begonias are often associated with individuality, peace, and harmony. Purchasing this plant for yourself could help you offer a space of peace and harmony or bring a flare of individuality to a space. Or gift the plant to signify improving communication with the receiving party. 

    Weight 3.4 lbs
    Dimensions 7.87 × 7.87 × 23.62 in


    Product Size SKU Shipping Information 
    White Spotted Begonia

    Overall Plant: 25”H X 12”W

    Pot: 5”H X 5.5”W

    Compatible Container Sizes: 6+”W 

    A106000048.WG 3.4 lbs

    7.9″ length

    7.9″ width

    23.6″ height 


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