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Kanpur Metal Containers


The Kanpur Metal Container is 100% metal and offers the perfect bowl shape. The gunmetal patina finish and gold rim is sure to catch the eye and make this the centerpiece of any collection. It comes in three sizes.

DEDICATED DESIGNS – The Kanpur Metal Container is named after the “Leather City of the World”. The intent was to resemble the stability and prestige of the great Indian city. Additionally, the combination of rustic warm tone and gold finished rim are extremely popular. If you prefer the style of quiet luxury, you will certainly appreciate the sophisticated design of the Kanpur containers.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL – The Kanpur series comes in a variety of 3 sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Certainly, the possibilities for how you use this metal container are endless. Use this metal pot to accent a live or fake potted plant as its round bowl shape is perfect for concealing other pots. Or take your décor to the next level and use this container as an accent piece on the mantle, a table, or the floor and fill it with whatever you would like. 

COMPATIBLE PLANT SIZES – Any potted plant that has a pot no bigger than 10” wide and 6.5” tall.

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Product Size SKU Shipping Information
Kanpur Metal Container Small:

Container size: 4.75×4.75×3.5″

IN10100023.GM 0.4 lbs

4.25″ length 

5.5″ width 

5.75″ height

Kanpur Metal Container Medium:

Container size: 8.5×8.5×6″

IN10100022.GM 1.2 lbs

6.75″ length

 9.25″ width

 9.5″ height 

Kanpur Metal Container Large:

Container size: 10.5×10.5×7″

IN10100021.GM 1.8 lbs

7.75″ length 

11.2.5″ width 

11.25″ height