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Indore Rectangular Planters


Introducing the Indore Rectangular Planters, a harmonious blend of function and artistry. These indoor planters boast a modern box-inspired design that unquestionably echoes Indore’s clean cityscape. Available in three different sizes, each metal planter offers versatility in creating captivating arrangements or serving as exquisite standalone pieces, redefining interior aesthetics.

Clean Lines Inspired by Indore’s Charm. Embark on a journey of design and utility with the Indore Rectangular Planters. Expertly crafted, these indoor planters reflect Indore’s reputation as India’s cleanest city. A city where sleek architecture coexists with green spaces. The gunmetal patina mirrors the city’s sleek structures, while gold rims add a touch of sophistication reminiscent of its grandeur. Each metal planter seamlessly fits into any setting, further echoing Indore’s commitment to aesthetics and functionality.

Stylish Form Meets Versatile Function. Explore the artful blend of form and function embodied by the Indore Rectangular Planters. Crafted to reflect the sleek lines and contemporary aesthetics of Indore, these indoor planters are stylish statements. The trio of sizes not only accommodates captivating floral arrangements but also provides a unique avenue for imaginative storage. Therefore, providing both functionality and style. Moreover, this metal planter can command attention as an impressive standalone centerpiece.

Design Freedom to Unleash Your Creativity. Immerse your decor in the allure of the Indore Rectangular Planters. Not only do these indoor planters capture clean lines and contemporary allure, they also become a canvas for your imaginative touch. This metal planter assortment lets your creativity blossom, undoubtedly transforming your decor with its adaptability and urban sophistication. These versatile beauties would look great:

  • Housing a lovely cascading plant as it adorns your mantle
  • Storing a variety of kitchen utensil on you granite countertop
  • Filled with beautiful rocks and centered as a focal piece of your coffee table
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Product Size SKU Shipping Information
Indore Rectangular Planters : Small

Container size: 4”H X 6”W X 4″L

IN10100026.GM 0.70 lbs

4.75″ length 

4.75″ width 

7.00″ height

Indore Rectangular Planters : Medium

Container size: 5”H X 8”W X 5″L

IN10100025.GM 1.10 lbs

5.75″ length

5.75″ width

9.00″ height 

Indore Rectangular Planters : Large

Container size: 6”H X 10”W X 6″L

IN10100024.GM 1.60 lbs

6.75” length

6.75” width

11.00″ height