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Lucknow Metal Wall Pocket – 9.5”H

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Elevate your walls with the Lucknow Wall Pocket. Enveloped in a gunmetal patina and adorned with a gold rim, it seamlessly infuses charm and versatility. These make the perfect wall planters for cascading plants or curated accents. Moreover, the universal hanging design effortlessly transforms blank spaces into captivating decorative statements.

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    Artfully Inspired – An Exquisite Blend of Beauty and Heritage. Lucknow is the largest city in Northern India. Channeling the city’s grandeur, our Lucknow Wall Pocket encapsulates its essence. Mirroring the Bara Imambara’s panoramic view, these wall planters oversee your home accents. Furthermore, a captivating gold rim against gunmetal patina intrigues every visitor. Elevate your space with this exquisite blend of beauty and heritage.

    Versatile Beyond Measure – The Only Limit is Your Imagination. Lucknow’s ingenious design beckons multifunctionality. Obviously, it can be hung traditionally, embracing its beauty as an accent decor piece. Likewise, it can thrive as a wall pocket planter, cradling cascading plants in a breathtaking descent. However, on the contrary you can make it functional by stowing practical items like dog leashes or sunglasses to grab on your way out the door. Let its versatility be a canvas for your creativity.

    Creative Display – Functional Solutions with Aesthetic Charm. Regardless of their use, our Lucknow Wall Pockets enhance any wall. While they make great wall planters hosting plants or décor, they can conversely foster creative solutions. Unleash your ingenuity by trying some of these unique ideas:

    • Adding charm to bathrooms as tooth brush holders
    • Hiding car keys by the front door
    • Maintaining tidiness in your office as mail holders
    Weight 0.8 lbs
    Dimensions 7.25 × 3.5 × 10.5 in


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    Lucknow Metal Wall Pocket – 9.5”H


    IN10100006.GM 0.8 lbs

    7.3” length 

    3.5” width 

    10.5” height