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Variegated Monstera Plant – 3 Leaves 32″H

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Transform your space with elegance. Our exquisite 32” monstera plant showcases vivid green and white tones in an alluring variegated pattern. A standout centerpiece, perfect for creating the perfect nook.

*Plant ships with attached black plastic pot included. Pictured ceramic or metal planters are for design purposes; customers must purchase them separately.

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    Lifelike Beauty – Monstera Plant’s Resurgence. Reviving in popularity, the monstera plant graces spaces with its stunning allure. Moreover, our meticulously crafted 32” artificial monstera boasts lifelike variegation. Its green-white marbling and intricate veining capture nature’s essence. Furthermore, crafted from EVA molded foam, it feels astonishingly real. Elevate your decor with a tropical artificial plant that’s a testament to nature’s elegance.

    Versatile Charm – Perfect for Every Space. The monstera plant’s universal appeal makes it a decor gem. Furthermore, its shapes and natural green-white tones effortlessly complement any style, whether adorning an office corner or gracing a living room table. Additionally, at nearly 3ft tall, it can stand independently as a floor plant or create a focal point in various settings. Embrace its flexibility as it transforms spaces with chic vibrancy.

    Symbolic Significance – Longevity and Honor. Deep-rooted in eastern cultures, the monstera plant symbolizes 

    • Longevity
    • Respect
    • honor 

    A powerful emblem of traditions and values, it holds stories of prosperity and luck. Elevate your nook with a monstera, not just a tropical artificial plant, but a piece of cultural significance that harmonizes style and meaning in your space.

    Weight 9.8 lbs
    Dimensions 12.99 × 12.99 × 33.46 in


    Product Size SKU Shipping Information
    FVariegated Monstera Plant – 3 Leaves 32″H A106000034.WG 9.8 lbs

    13″ length 

    13″ width 

    33.5″ height

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