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Artificial Potted Zebrina Leaf Alocasia Plant – 2 Leaves 21″H

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You will never feel far away from the tropics of southeast Asia with this hand-crafted Zebrina Plant. This artificial plant can add a touch of tropical paradise to any space or collection.

*Plant ships with attached black plastic pot included.

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    REALISTIC LOOKS – Our Zebrina Plant is carefully crafted. First, our team meticulously designing the unique shape of the leaves that closely mimic the most desired alocasia species found in nature. Next, we devote extra time and attention to detail to ensure the leaves reflect the natural color and veining you would see on a real alocasia, fooling the naked eye into wondering if it is real or not. 

    UNIVERSAL PLACEMENT – This one is small in size, unlike most alocasia plants. Therefore, this intentional design allows you to have tropical beauty in places you normally wouldn’t. Whether you want to place the zebrina plant in your office, bedroom, or kitchen; this plant is compact enough. Likewise, this plant can be placed on:

    • bookshelves
    • small corners
    • window ledges

    with no hassle. Simply place this plant wherever you need of a hint of green or exoticness. 

    MEANING – Zebrina alocasia plants symbolize the tree that grows up to the heavens. Therefore, this symbolism comes from the fact they are believed to be the plant in the Western and Eastern versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. Indeed, this plant symbolizes seizing opportunities when they arise, even when they are risky. Additionally, the plant reflects growth, strength, and prosperity.

    *Plant ships with attached black plastic pot included.

    Weight 2.3 lbs
    Dimensions 7.9 × 7.9 × 20.1 in



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    Faux Potted Zebrina Leaf Alocasia Plant – 2 Leaves 21″H
    2.3 lbs

    7.9″ length 

    7.9″ width 

    20.1″ height