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Mumbai Metal Planters


Redefine your decor with Mumbai Metal Planters. A captivating metal planter pot that features a gunmetal-patina finish accented by a golden rim. Reflecting the city’s diversity, they’re perfect for displaying plants and arrangements, or organizing small items. Infuse your space with Mumbai’s charm through these versatile metal pots for plants.

Artistic Expression: Capturing Mumbai’s Dynamic Charm. Mumbai’s dynamic atmosphere and rich heritage have inspired the creation of the Mumbai Metal Planters. Each metal planter pot embodies the city’s eclectic charm. Just as Mumbai seamlessly integrates tradition with modernity, similarly these metal pots blend aesthetics with functionality. Furthermore adding a touch of Mumbai’s allure to any space. The gunmetal-patina finish and golden rim of these metal planters mirror Mumbai’s diverse essence.

Form Meets Function: A Fusion of Elegance and Utility in Our Metal Planters. Without a doubt, each metal planter pot seamlessly transitions from being a visual centerpiece to a practical essential. As decorative metal pots for plants, they showcase your botanical beauties with an air of refinement. Alternatively, embrace their organizational prowess as they stylishly house various items, demonstrating true elegance can be both captivating and purposeful.

Seamless Integration: Mumbai Metal Planters for Every Aesthetic. Embark on a journey of captivating fusion as Mumbai Metal Planters seamlessly integrate into your decor narrative. Each metal planter pot transcends boundaries, effortlessly adapting to your design preferences. Whether your decor leans towards industrial chic or cozy farmhouse, these versatile pieces elevate your space with inherent elegance. Let these metal pots for plants:

  • Grace your balcony escape
  • Welcome visitors at the entrance
  • Enhance the ambiance of your living space
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Product Size SKU Shipping Information
Mumbai Metal Planter : Small

Container size: 4”H X 6”D 

IN10100018.GM 0.70 lbs

6.75″ length 

4.75″ width 

7.00″ height

Mumbai Metal Planter : Medium

Container size: 4”H X 8.25”D 

IN10100017.GM 1.10 lbs

9.00″ length

4.75″ width

9.25″ height 

Mumbai Metal Planter : Large

Container size: 4”H X 10”D

IN10100016.GM 1.50 lbs

10.75” length

4.75” width

11.00″ height