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How to Unpack Your Artificial Plant; Unlocking its Full Potential

Get the most out of your artificial plant from Vert Nook with our easy steps to unpacking & styling your new plant!

Congratulations on receiving your first artificial plant from Vert Nook! Rest assured, unpacking artificial plants can be a little tricky, but we’ve taken care of it for you. We keep our packaging as small as possible to not pass on expensive freight and shipping costs to our customers. Therefore, our plants will arrive a little condensed, don’t stress! High-quality UVA molded foam enables our plants to be flexible and easily shaped. Follow our easy steps below for unpacking your artificial plant so you can unlock its full potential for beauty!

1. Unpack & Stand the Plant Upright

Your Vert Nook artificial plant will come carefully packaged in a secure box. Carefully cut the tape on the box and open it up, exposing the plant inside. Inside, you may see your artificial plant wrapped in protective plastic or tied with string. With care, gently cut away any string or plastic wrap, and stand the plant upright free of any packaging material.

2. Expand Stems

Upon receiving your artificial plant, you’ll observe tight grouping of stems at its center. We do this to shrink packaging size and safeguard the plant during transportation. Most of our plants contain 3-4 stems. The stems are crafted from flexible EVA foam, allowing for easy bending and shaping. To get the most out of your plant, pull the stems outward, expanding them away from the center to add volume to the plant. You may also want to bend your stems slightly to give your plant the angles you desire. 

3. Shape The Leaves

Once you have expanded the stems of your plant, and given it room to breathe, it is time to focus on the leaves. During shipment, the plant’s leaves could have experienced constriction, bending, or folding. Again, do not panic. Our artificial plants’ leaves consist of flexible EVA foam, allowing you to shape them as desired. Shape your leaves to your preference and expand them to showcase the full beauty of each leaf. You can play around with the shape until it looks exactly how you like. The EVA foam is sturdy enough to allow you to bend and shape the leaf without damage, yet still hold the shape you gave it. Continue turning and shaping your plant’s leaves all the way around until you have the perfect look. It’s that simple to revive a packaged artificial plant into your dream plant that looks just like the pictures. 

4. Add a Decorative Planter to Your Artificial Plant

While some of our customers may choose to stop after the last step, at Vert Nook we believe in full customization. So some of our customers may want to continue to set up the perfect plant for them. You will notice your plant comes in a simple black or white plastic pot that holds everything together. The idea behind the design is that you can now easily place it into a planter of your choice that fits your style and design aesthetic. Simply visit our website to find the dimensions of your plant’s pot, and then pick out a planter that it will fit in. You can simply drop the pot into the planter and your artificial plant will now fit any decor style you can dream up. 

5. Add Filler to the Planter

While adding a planter will be enough for most of our customers, we have one final tip to offer to unlock the max potential of your artificial plant. We designed our pots to easily fit into a planter, so that you can now add a creative filler of your choice. Go to your local craft or hardware store and grab the perfect bag of rocks, rubber pieces, mulch, etc. Simply pour the filler into the planter, covering the pot fully, and voila! You now have fully customized plants that will make the perfect focal point in any space.  

6. Place & Admire

When you’re happy with the look of your artificial plant, it’s time to showcase its beauty! Set it in the perfect nook in your home, office, or patio and admire your design work. The best part is our artificial plants are maintenance free! So you don’t have to worry about sunlight, watering, bugs, pets, or allergies. You can place it literally anywhere you desire. We are looking forward to seeing your beautiful “nook” work! Tag us and share your custom design on social media using #vertnook or @vertnook.