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Benefits Of Faux Plants

Overall, faux plants offer a number of benefits over live plants. They are low-maintenance, durable, allergy-friendly, affordable, versatile, and have psychological benefits. If you are looking for a plant that is easy to care for and will last for many years, then a faux plant is a good option for you.

Have you been wondering if faux plants are an appealing home accent or just plain floral fraud? While a fake plant can’t purify the air, they don’t lack in other benefits. Artificial greenery is in. And allergies, dying leaves, and constant upkeep are out.  Read more to find out why faux greenery makes the perfect accent for your design.

Faux Plants Are Low-Maintenance

One of the many benefits of fake plants is that they are so low-maintenance, you’ll wonder why you didn’t go faux sooner. Style your faux plants for indoors or outdoors, because sunlight isn’t a factor when it comes to caring for artificial greenery. Not only are water and sunlight not a hassle, but this also helps keep them a cost-friendly option. No need to worry about buying potting soil, gardening tools, plant food, etc. Simply wipe your faux plants with a cloth when dust appears to keep the leaves looking as vibrant as possible.

Faux Plants Are Versatile

Another great benefit to owning fake plants instead of live ones, is that they are super versatile in style and placement. Your faux indoor plant can be placed in a dark corner and any container you’d like. Live plants can be an inconvenience when it comes to switching out their pot or vase, whereas faux plants make styling different vases worry-free. 

Your Allergies Will Thank You

Live plants may be a green thumb’s dream, but fake plants are an allergist’s best friend. Your faux friend won’t bring unwanted allergens from outdoors. Artificial plants don’t contain irritating pollen or attract bugs. Your beautiful large faux leaves won’t get eaten by tiny pests like a real plant’s would. Not to mention that since many insects cause allergic diseases due to their wings, saliva, and other matter, fake plants do assist in health benefits. 

Greenery That Lasts A Lifetime

The final great thing about fake plants is that they are made to last. Not only will they not die because you took a weekend trip, but they will outlive live plants in your space. Mala Design’s artificial plants are made with EVA-foam and will last a lifetime. 

Now that you know why fake plants are a convenient and stylish décor choice, it’s time to get your very own! Shop Mala Design’s selection of beautiful artificial plants, faux plants for indoors or outdoors, and single stems to find which plants suit your style.