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Gabriella Glass Vase – 15.25”H

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Indulge in the lavish beauty of the Gabriella glass vase for flowers. At 15.25″, this tall vase embodies Vert Nook’s vision of uniting art and nature. This glass vase displays a deep green hue and touch of gilded elegance. Additionally, its harmonious arrangement of chambers takes floral arrangements beyond conventional.

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    Heroic Craftsmanship – Unanimously Admired. Embrace the profound craftsmanship embodied in the Gabriella glass vase for flowers. This 15.25” tall vase reaches up to the heavens, unquestionably paying homage to its namesake Gabriella, meaning heroine of god. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the craftsmanship of Gabriella begs to be admired. Its four chamber design, deep green hue, and gold collar translate bold inspiration into a tangible masterpiece.

    An Artful Evolution – Vase to Centerpiece. The Gabriella glass vase for flowers certainly graces spaces with ethereal beauty as it adorns floral stems. However, its purpose transcends botanicals. When unadorned, this tall vase transforms into an entrancing centerpiece. It’s not merely a vase, but a work of art. Regardless of whether it’s holding vibrant florals or gracing surfaces unadorned, it captures gazes, weaving a tale of heroic charm.

    Crafted to Inspire – Your Narrative Awaits. The Gabriella glass vase for flowers epitomizes the essence of storytelling in décor. As a protagonist in your décor saga, this tall vase infuses sophistication and grace into your space. The intricate craftsmanship of this glass vase, inspired by the heroine-like essence, aligns seamlessly with any interior style. Set it:

    • Gracefully on a grand dining room buffet
    • Majestically on a vintage fireplace mantle
    • Beautifully on a bedroom dresser for a touch of romance
    Weight 2.25 lbs
    Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 16.75 in


    Product Size SKU Shipping Information
    Gabriella Glass Vase – 15.25”H x 6.25″W IN10900021.GR 2.25 lbs

    7.50” length 

    7.50” width 

    16.75” height

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