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Artificial Black Begonia Leaf Stem – 6 Pack of 22″H

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The Black Leaf Begonia Stem, is native to Brazilian rainforests and known for its alternative coloring and curled edges. The out-of-this-world appearance of our tropical stem adds a luxurious, exotic touch to any space or décor collection. 

*This product is a stem an leaf only. Depending on the size selected, it will come in either a 2-pack or a 6-pack.


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    REALISTIC LOOKS – The Black Begonia Leaf Stem are crafted with excellency. Our designers specialize in leaves as the focal point of their design. They designed the unique shape of the leaves that closely mimic the curled edges of real begonia leaves. Next, we devoted extra attention to the color to ensure it has a warm ombre stem and the rich black color you would find on a real black begonia.

    VERSATILITY – Possibilities are endless with our Black Leaf Begonia Stem since it is a single stem. Place it in virtually any container you choose since it has no pot or faux soil. Style it alone or create an arrangement. It comes in two different sizes. The solid black color pairs with nearly any décor style and offers a touch of elegance or exoticness.  

    MEANING – The begonia plant has several different meanings linked to it as is the case with many plants. The plant offers multiple paths of symbolism. Begonias are associated with:

    • individuality
    • peace
    • harmony

    Create a space of peace and harmony to a space. Additionally, give the plant to someone to signify improving communication with the receiving party.

    Weight 1.9 lbs
    Dimensions 24.0 × 6.0 × 4.0 in


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    Black Begonia Leaf Stem : 6 Pack of 22″H A106000083.BK 1.9 lbs

    24” length 

    6″ width 

    4″ height