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Iconic Living Room Designs

Crafting Timeless Charm for Your Space

Living rooms are the soul of a home. A place for family gatherings on holidays, lounging after a long day, entertaining friends, and bonding with loved ones. This is why living room designs are so special. They set the scene for where memories are made. Make your living room your nook, and create your own oasis with our living room décor.

zebrina plant living room design
spotted monstera plant living room

Living Room Designs You Will Love

Kitchens For All Occasions

If living rooms are the soul of the home, then kitchens are the heart. Family recipes, cooking lessons, daily meals, laughs, and conversations are shared amongst the countertops. Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it is the perfect place for a nook. We don’t just offer design ideas for living rooms, our products work well in all areas of your home. If you’re seeking design ideas for open-concept living room and kitchen spaces, try creating a charming nook that effortlessly blends both areas together. A seating nook accented with a faux alocasia and china proposes a welcoming, safe area.

Our artificial plants can embellish a dim corner of the kitchen countertop. Or, style as an elegant centerpiece on the island or table for your guests to enjoy. Decorate the rest of your kitchen for the family party effortlessly, and swap your year-round plants for something more festive. The best part is there’s no need to worry about insects or pests flying around your food with faux greenery. It can go anywhere since temperature, sunlight, and water don’t matter.

Brighten Your Office Space

Whether you have a home office or an office away from home, you spend a quarter of your time there. It is important that this space makes you happy. Create a work environment that allows you to be productive, creative, focused, and relaxed all at once. Artificial plants are the perfect accent to brighten up a dull bookcase or desk, and create an inspirational atmosphere. Our collection of faux plants aren’t reserved as living room décor only. They’d make a lovely addition to any office. A faux variegated monstera can add a vibrant and calming touch of vert to your office.

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Artificial plants are the perfect simple touch that transform a space into a place of peace. They provide a low-maintenance way to accentuate any design. Plus, artificial plants don’t require factors like sunlight, water, or specific temperatures, making them an effortless styling choice.